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Quarried by Amico Stone Supply

Alberta Sandstone is not only a beautiful landscaping and masonry product but a design staple in Calgary. 

To stroll around Calgary is to witness the everlasting beauty of our Alberta Sandstone on a number of iconic historical buildings. 

Certified by the Canadian Government as being of the highest quality, our Alberta Sandstone proves its durability and timeless charm as being featured on many official government buildings in Calgary and Edmonton.  

Large saw at stone quarry


Under the sunny, windy skies of Pincher Creek, our crew works tirelessly to pull Alberta Sandstone from the Earth. 

Once transported to our location in SE Calgary, we get to work turning those huge chunks of nature into finely crafted masonry and landscaping products. Cut, pitched and passionately shaped by our masons with years experience, Amico's Alberta Sandstone is a genuinely local product that not only looks beautiful but holds a special heritage in Calgary. 

Available in 3 Size Ashlar, Rubble, Smooth and custom cuts, our Alberta Sandstone is the ultimate versatile stone for your home.

Amico Stone Supply's quarry featuring large Alberta Sandstone boulders

Style Options

Our Alberta Sandstone comes in a variety of designs and styles, offering versatility whether your home is traditional, modern or transitional. 

Alberta Sandstone Rubble style retaining wall


Rustic but adaptable to modern spaces, the Rubble style enhances any space with natural charm.

Alberta Sandstone 3 Size Ashlar feature wall

3 Size Ashlar

Balancing natural texture with a modern line,

the 3 Size Ashlar style is a classic look for any space.

Saw Blade


Our Alberta Sandstone can be cut to meet almost any need. 

* Boulders available upon request 




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