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Large modern driveway featuring Techo-Bloc Diamond paver in grey and black




Design an enchanting driveway and level up your curb appeal with Techo-Bloc's pavers. Engineered to withstand vehicular traffic, Techo-Bloc's pavers are durable, salt-resistant and color-consistent. 


Available in multiple styles and finishes, Techo-Bloc's pavers will meet you at the intersection of aesthetic appeal and function, no matter your personal architectural style. With HD2 technology for extreme durability and a Klean-Bloc barrier to take the edge off daily wear and tear, Techo-Bloc's pavers are the unmatched option for pull-over-I-gotta-take-a-look driveway design. 

Driveway designed with Techo-Bloc Valet paver in grey and black checkerboard pattern
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Designing a new backyard is complex and creative work. Browse Techo-Bloc's beautiful catalogue to gather inspiration for your outdoor backyard designs. 

Whether your project is large or small, modern or rustic, big budget or small budget, this catalogue is sure to help you find the landscape style that suits you and your needs. 


Utilize this guide from Techo-Bloc to plan & execute your dream landscape renovation.


From compiling a wish list, to finding the right contractor, to crafting your budget, this guide will transform you from overwhelmed novice to educated customer, ready to tackle your biggest landscaping goals. 


What is the difference between slabs and pavers?

  • Slab = Pedestrian Only

  • Paver = Vehicle Safe

Slabs are typically 60mm thick, making them thinner than pavers, which range from 80mm-100mm thick.

All that being said, if you have fallen in love with a patio stone design for your driveway that does not come in a paver thickness - do not despair!

Thanks to the ingenious products that we keep in stock from Romex you can create a vehicle safe foundation under any 60mm slab design. To learn more about this vehicle safe system click here. 

How do I clean my pavers?

Your pavers require maintenance the same way anything else that lives outside does. Techo-Bloc has made it simple to care for your hardscaped areas by crafting an easy to follow set of care instructions for their products. 

Click below to view Techo-Bloc's Care & Maintenance Guide


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