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Landscaping Supplies

Committed to providing our clients with only the best landscaping products in Calgary, we stock many landscaping supplies from the top manufacturers. 

What we stock:

  • Permeable Jointing Sand

  • Permeable Gravel Binding

  • Permeable Bedding Systems

  • Polymeric Sand

  • Garden Edging

  • Landscape Hammers

  • Landscape Fabric

  • Gator Base

  • Adhesive

  • Stone & Tile Sealants

  • Rust Remover for stone

  • Hammers & Mallets

  • Stone Cleaners

  • & more

Scroll down to explore our stocked landscaping supplies

Not sure what 
you need for your project?

We got you. 

Landscaping takes a lot of work, and a lot of thought. 

Are you doing it yourself and not sure where to start or what you'll need?

Our experienced and style-conscious staff are here to help you turn your ideas into reality. From selecting the correct jointing sand for your application, to deciding what kind of sealer you need, to everything between and beyond, we love to help.

                       with your questions and we'll provide you with some expert advice on the landscaping supplies you need to make your project a success.

We stock many permeable jointing sands, permeable gravel binding and permeable bedding options from the top-of-line manufacturer ROMEX. 

Romex Canada logo in white color

Jointing Sand
& Gravel Binding

Romex Easy Eco-Fine bucket
Romex Profi-Deko product
Flexlock jointing sand

We stock many polymeric sands and dust for wider joints from FLEXLOCK. 


Flexlock logo
Flexlock jointing sand
Flexlock jointing sand

Garden & Paver

Surefoot logo
Plastic paver edging installed with pavers

We stock a variety of garden edging and paver edging from Surefoot. 

Flexible and durable, it is an essential element of any soft or hardscape design. 

Landscaping fabric roll
Landscaping fabric roll
Close up image of non-woven landscape fabric
Close up image of woven landscape fabric


Flexlock logo



We stock Non-Woven and Woven Gator Fabric options, ideal for everything from drainage control, to securing retaining walls, to soil foundation reinforcement & much more! 

Click the products to learn which fabric is right for your landscaping project. 


We stock STAIN-PROOF® Premium Impregnating Sealer, is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium long term protection for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout from water and oil based stains and damage caused by water and dissolved salts. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean and keep looking good for longer.

Premium Impregnating Sealer 

Dry Treat stone sealer
Before and after image of slabs covered with sealant
Stain Proof by DryTreat logo


STAIN-PROOF® Color Enhancing Sealer, formerly known as INTENSIFIA™, is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer. Natural stone, masonry and other hard porous materials will have deep, long lasting color enrichment and premium water and oil-based stain protection.

Color Enhancing Sealer

Stain Proof by DryTreat logo
Dry Treat Intensifia Color Enhancing Sealer bottle

Stand Alone Mallet

The 60 MM “Stand-Up” Halder/Simplex Black Rubber insert allows the mallet to stand up vertically, making it easy to pick up and set down while working.

Great North Hardscapes logo
Greath North Hardscapes Simplex Stand Alone Mallet


Save yourself time, labor and money by using GatorBase, the revolutionary foundation tool for your hardscaping projects.


A single GatorBase panel is equivalent to 130 kg (288 lbs) of crushed stone, saving you a minimum of 6″ (15 cm) of additional excavation.

Gator Base logo
Gator Base from Alliance
How To Install YouTube video for Gator Base
Flexlock High Performance Stone Adhesive

We stock the Gator Block Bond XP, one of the strongest polyurethane adhesives on the market.


It is specially formulated for overlays, pool copings, steps and wall caps, concrete pavers, wet cast, natural stones, retaining walls, masonry units and bricks. 

High Performance

Gator Black Bond logo
Rust Remover from Alliance
Gator Clean logo



  • Removes the spots caused by steel, water build up, fertilizer, etc.

  • Easy to use

  • Contains no muriatic acid


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